Fee Schedule

Stop payment request (per check/ACH) - Checking $30.00
Stop payment request (per check/ACH) - Super Now & Money Mkt $30.00
Your check returned for insufficient funds (per debit) $25.00
Fee for writing more than 20 checks per statement period (per check over 20) $0.10
Check Printing Depends on
style of checks
Overdraft charge (per debit which maybe created by check, inperson withdrawal or other electronic withdrawals/transfers) $22.00
Telephone Transfer Request $1.00
Wire Transfer  
Incoming $5.00
Outgoing $20.00
International Wire Transfer $60.00
Money Orders $3.00
Cashier's Checks $5.00
Courtesy Statement $5.00
Garnishments $10.00
Levies $10.00
Escrow Set Up $150.00
Escrow with Annual Payment $15.00
Escrow with Monthly Payment $4.00